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    1. Mercury in compact fluorescent lamps not exceeding 5 mg per lamp 小型日光灯中的汞含量不得超过5毫克/灯

    2. Mercury in straight fluorescent lamps for general purposes not exceeding: halophosphate 10 mg,

    triphosphate with normal lifetime 5 mg , triphosphate with long lifetime 8 mg. 一般用途的直管日光灯中的汞含量不得超过: 盐磷酸盐10毫克, 正常的三磷酸盐5毫克 , 长效的三磷酸盐8毫克 .

    3. Mercury in straight f1uorescent lamps for special purposes 特殊用途的直管日光灯中的


    4. Mercury in other lamps not specifically mentioned in this Annex. 本附录中未特别提及的其它


    5. Lead in glass of cathode ray tubes, electronic components and f1uorescent tubes. 阴极射线管、电子部件和发光管的玻璃内的铅含量

    6. Lead as an alloying element in steel containing up to 0.35% lead by weight, aluminium containing up to 0.4% lead by weight and as a copper alloy containing up to 4% lead by weight.钢中合金元素中的铅含量达0.35%,铝含量达 0.4%,铜合金中的铅含量达4%

    7. Lead in high melting temperature type solders (i.e.lead-based alloys containing 85 % by weight

    or more lead); lead in solders for servers, storage and storage array systems, network infrastructure equipment for switching, signalling, transmission as well as network management for Telecommunications; lead in electronic ceramic parts (e.g. piezoelectronic devices).

    高温融化型焊锡铅(如:铅含量≥85%的合金中的铅); 用于服务器,存储器和存储阵列的焊料中的铅。用于交

    换、信号产生和传输,以及电信网络管理的网络基础设施设备中焊料中的铅; 电子陶瓷部件中(如:高压


    8. Cadmium and its compounds in electrical contacts and cadmium plating except for applications banned under Directive 91/338/EEC amending Directive 76/769/EEC relating to restrictions on the marketing and use of certain dangerous substances and preparations 电触点中的镉及镉化合物以及91/338/EEC 指令限制范围以外的镉电

    9. Hexavalent chromium as an anti-corrosion of the carbon steel cooling system in absorption

    refrigerators. 在吸收式电冰箱中作为碳钢冷却系统防腐剂的六价铬;

    9a DecaBDE in polymeric applications; (2005/717/EC) 聚合体中使用的十溴二苯醚(2005/717/EC)(豁免至


    9b Lead in lead-bronze bearing shells and bushes. (2005/717/EC) 在铅-铜轴承外壳与衬套中的


    10. Within the procedure referred to in Article 7(2),the Commission shall evaluate the applications for: (2005/717/EC) mercury in straight fluorescent lamps for special purposes, light bulbs, as a matter of priority in order-to establish as soon as possible whether these items are to be amended accordingly.

    根据在第7(2)条中提及的程序,欧盟委员会应评价以下方面的应用(2005/717/EC): 特殊用途的直管荧光灯中的


    11. Lead used in compliant pin connector systems.(2005/747/EC) 插脚式连接器系统中使用的铅;(2005/747/EC)

    12. Lead as a coating material for the thermal conduction module c-ring. (2005/747/EC) 热导模组C环涂层中所用的铅;(2005/747/EC)

    13. Lead and cadmium in optical and filter glass. (2005/747/EC) 光学玻璃及滤光玻璃中所用的铅及镉;(2005/747/EC)

    14. Lead in solders consisting of more than two elements for the connection between the pins and

    the package of microprocessors with a lead content of more than 80% and less than 85% by weight. (2005/747/EC) 微处理器针脚及封装联接所使用的含两种以上组分的焊料中的铅(铅含量在80%和85%之间);(2005/747/EC)

    15. Lead in solders to complete a viable electrical connection between semiconductor die and

    carrier within integrated circuit Flip Chip packages. (2005/747/EC)集成电路倒装芯片封装中半导体芯片及载体之间形成可靠联接所用的铅;(2005/747/EC)

    16. Lead in linear incandescent lamps with silicate coated tubes.(2006/310/EC) 线形白炽灯硅酸盐灯管中的铅;(2006/310/EC)

    17. Lead halide as radiant agent in High Intensity Discharge(HID) lamps used for professional

    reprography applications. (2006/310/EC) 用于专业复印设备的高强度放电灯(HID)中用作激发的卤素铅;(2006/310/EC)

    18. Lead as activator in the fluorescent powder (1% lead by weight or less) of discharge amps when used as sun tanning lamps containing phosphors such as BSP(BaSi2O5:Pb) as well as when used as

    speciality lamps for diazo-printing reprography, lithography, insect traps,photochemical and curing processes containing phosphors such as SMS((Sr,Ba)2MgSi2O7:Pb)(2006/310/EC) 当放电灯被用作含磷的仿日晒灯(sun tanning lamps),比如含有BSP(BaSi2O5:Pb), 以及用于重氮复印、平版印刷、捕虫器、光化



    19. Lead with PbBiSn-Hg and PbInSn-Hg in specific compositions as main amalgam and with PbSn-Hg as auxiliary amalgam in very compact Energy Saving Lamps (ESL). (2006/310/EC) 紧凑型节能灯(ESL)中作为主要汞齐合金的特定成分(PbBiSn-Hg和PbinSg-Hg)中的铅以及作为辅助汞合金PbSn-Hg中的铅;


    20. Lead oxide in glass used for bonding front and rear substrates of flat fluorescent lamps

    used for Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD).(2006/310/EC) 液晶显示器(LCD)用于连接平面荧光灯前后基片用的玻璃中的氧化铅;(2006/310/EC)

    21. Lead and cadmium in printing inks for the application of enamels on borosilicate glass.

    (2006/691/EC) 用于硼硅酸盐玻璃瓷漆的印墨所含的铅及镉;(2006/691/EC)

    22. Lead as impurity in RIG (rare earth iron garnet) Faraday rotators used for fibre optic

    communications systems. (2006/691/EC) 在光纤通讯系统稀土铁石榴石法拉第旋转器中作为杂质的铅;(2006/691/EC)(豁免至2011.1.1)

    23. Lead in finishes of fine pitch components other than connectors with a pitch of 0.65mm or less with NiFe lead frames and lead in finishes of fine pitch components other than connectors with a pitch of 0.65 mm or less with copper lead frames. (2006/691/EC) 使用铁镍合金或者铜引线框架的细间距元器件(即不大于0.65mm的引脚间距)的表面处理中的铅,不包括连接器类;(2006/691/EC)

    24. Lead in solders for the soldering to achined through hole discoidal and planar array ceramic multilayer capacitors. (2006/691/EC) 通孔盘状及平面阵列陶瓷多层电容器焊料所含的铅;(2006/691/EC)

    25. Lead oxide in plasma display panels (PDP) and surface conduction electron emitter displays (SED) used in structural elements; notably in the front and rear glass dielectric layer, the bus electrode, the black stripe, the address electrode, the barrier ribs, the seal frit and frit ring as well as in print pastes. (2006/691/EC) 等离子显示屏(PDP)及表面传导式电子发射显示器(SED)的部件中的氧化铅,特别是玻璃前后绝缘层、总线电极、黑条(彩色显像管)、寻址电极、阻挡层肋柱、密封玻璃料以及封装玻璃、环状玻璃、印墨中;(2006/691/EC)

    26. Lead oxide in the glass envelope of BlackLight Blue (BLB) lamps. (2006/691/EC) 蓝黑灯管(BLB)玻璃外罩所含的氧化铅;(2006/691/EC)

    27. Lead alloys as solder for transducers used in high-powered (designated to operate for

    everal hours at acoustic power levels of 125 dB SPL and above) loudspeakers.(2006/691/EC) 在大功率扬声器中作为转换器焊料的铅合金;(2006/691/EC)

    28. Hexavalent chromium in corrosion preventive coatings of unpainted metal sheetings and fasteners used for corrosion protection and Electromagnetic Interference Shielding inequipment falling under

    category three of Directive 2002/96/EC (IT and telecommunications equipment).Exemption granted until 1 July 2007. (2006/692/EC) 2002/96/EC指令(IT及电信设备)涉及的第三类设备中用来防止腐蚀和干扰的未喷漆金属薄板及紧固件上防腐涂层中的六价铬。(2006/692/EC)( 豁免至2007.7.1)

    29. Lead bound in crystal glass as defined in Annex I (Categories 1, 2, 3 and 4) of Council Directive 69/493/EEC. (2006/690/EC ) 理事会指令69/493/EEC附件I(第1、2、3和4类)中定义的水晶玻璃中的铅(2006/690/EC)

    30. Cadmium alloys as electrical/mechanical solder joints to electrical conductors located

    directly on the voice coil in transducers used in high-powered loudspeakers with sound pressure levels of 100 dB (A) and more. (2008/385/EC ) 用于音压在100分贝以上的大功率扬声器,在变频器中直接装置


    31. Lead in soldering materials in mercury free flat fluorescent lamps (which e.g. are used

    for liquid crystal displays, design or industrial lighting). (2008/385/EC ) 无汞平板荧光灯内焊接材料中的铅(例如用于液晶显示器、设计或工业用明);(2008/385/EC)

    32. Lead oxide in seal frit used for making window assemblies for Argon and Krypton laser tubes. (2008/385/EC) 用于氩和氪激光管窗体组件制造的密封釉料中的氧化铅;(2008/385/EC)

    33. Lead in solders for the soldering of thin copper wires of 100μm diameter and less in

    power transformers. 直径100微米的细铜线和小于直径100微米的电力变压器的焊料中的铅;

    34. Lead in cermet-based trimmer potentiometer elements. 金属陶瓷质的微调电位器中的铅含量;

    35. Cadmium in photoresistors for optocouplers applied in professional audio equipment until 31 December 2009. 专业音频设备中的光耦合器的元件、光电阻的镉的应用(豁免至2009.12.31)

     36. Mercury used as a cathode sputtering inhibitor in DC plasma displays with a content up to 30 mg per display until 1 July 2010. 直流等离子显示器中,作为阴极溅射抑制剂中的汞在第个显示器中的含量不得超过30毫克(豁免至2010.7.1)

    37. Lead in the plating layer of high voltage diodes on the basis of a zinc borate glass body


    38.Cadmium and cadmium oxide in thick film pastes used on aluminium bonded beryllium oxide. 用氧化铍连接铝制成的厚膜浆料中镉和氧化镉的含量

    39.Cadmium in colour converting II-VI LEDs (< 10 μg Cd per mm2 of light-emitting area) for use in solid state illumination or display systems until 1 July 2014 用于固态照明或显示使用系统中的彩色转换II - VI族发光二极管(小于10微克每平方毫米的发光区域)内所含的镉(豁免至2014.7.1)

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